Top 5 Reasons To Get Travel Insurance

Top 5 Reasons To Get Travel Insurance

Here are my top 5 reasons to get travel insurance.

Before heading on your amazing holiday, I highly recommend getting travel insurance for peace of mind!

Imagine being stuck with a big medical bill or having to find the money to replace misplaced or stolen items! Hence why travel insurance is the way to go!


Having to come home in an event of an emergency

Flight cancellations or delayed flights

Having to change your hotel bookings

Extreme weather conditions

Lack of passengers

That is just to name a few good reasons, but other disruption reasons could be bird strikes (when the plane collides with birds), not enough crew members, cargo issues, mechanical issues….you get it right? There could literally be so many different reasons.

Natural Disasters






Even though they are rare, natural disasters can occur while you are travelling and flights could be cancelled or delayed. It could be a good idea to check if your area you are travelling to has many disasters before you book. Pay attention to their local warning systems. Make sure your travel insurance covers you for natural disasters!

Medical Emergencies



Catching illnesses from overseas

Heart problems

Breathing problems

Those are a very few different types of medical emergencies someone could have on a holiday, obviously we never plan for these instances but it does happen unfortunately. Better to be prepared I say!

Damage, Loss or Theft

Theft, loss or damage to your camera, laptop or other electronic equipment

Theft or loss of jewelry

Luggage loss

It is definitely not recommended to take expensive jewelry away with you when travelling incase you lose it or it gets stolen. The same goes for laptops, not ideal at all. Of course everyone likes to take a camera on holiday, perhaps even a tablet, so again that is another great reason to get travel insurance so that you are covered.

Falling Ill Before Your Trip

It happens from time to time where we get sick right before we travel. If you do, rest, don’t stress, sleep as much as you can as sleeping can help fight off infections. Look after yourself and eat healthy!

If you feel you are getting worse, go and seek medical advice.

Get a flu shot, wash your hands often and keep your surroundings germ free and use hand sanitizer.

Remember to check if you need any specific vaccinations for the country or countries you are travelling to.

I have included a link below to some travel insurance information

Always ask questions from your insurance provider if you are unsure what you are covered for! Check the fine print before you buy.

Have you ever had a bad travel experience where you were happy you bought travel insurance before you left?


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  1. This is very important. I’m glad I came across your website. Looking forward to your next posts

  2. Hi! Travel insurance is very important for sure! My partner had an accident overseas and he didn’t had any insurance and he had to pay big bills when he went to hospital! Thanks for all this information just very useful!

    1. Oh no! Hope he was ok. Better to be safe than sorry right!

  3. I always find myself traveling without insurance and its not smart!

    1. Oh no! I’m sure you will always get insurance from now as it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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