Tips For The Perfect Road Trip

Tips For Your Perfect Summer Road Trip!

Tips for the perfect summer road trip so you have the most amazing getaway! You wouldn’t want to get lost anywhere or end up with car troubles along the way! That would be a nightmare so I hope you find these tips useful.

Road Trip Tips

Check your vehicle – About a week before heading out on your road trip, book your car in at a mechanics to have it checked. You don’t want anything to go wrong with your car and end up being stuck in the middle of nowhere! Make sure the mechanics check your spark plugs, oil and water levels, tires, brakes and just generally everything.

Join a roadside rescue service – In case your car does break down, or you lock your keys in the car or you have a dead car battery. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere. Be sure to join a roadside rescue service like AA, it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

A mechanic checking a car, a lady changing her tire, tips for the perfect road trip

Learn car basics– Learn how to change a tire or where to put oil and water in your car if you don’t know. There are plenty of You Tube videos to learn from or ask a friend who knows how to show you. As well as that, don’t forget to pack some jumper cables in the car.

Clean your car – Wash and clean your car and get those empty drink bottles and candy bar wrappers out. It’s a good idea to keep a bag of some sorts in the car for you to put your rubbish in along your trip.

Pack your car – Pack all your necessities like your wallet, phone, charger and a power bank. A metal drink bottle and snacks. A road map and picnic blanket. Pack toilet paper because you just never know of where you might need it! You might want to stop for a swim so pack swim togs and a towel. Spare clothes and a couple of pairs of shoes. Also some wet weather gear. Sunglasses, hairbrush, sun screen, a hat and lip balm are a must too. For entertainment pack books, a tablet and charger, a Kindle and magazines.

Have a plan of where you are heading – Work out where you want your destination to be. Check on a map what roads you need to take. See if there are some interesting places you can stop at along the way.

Use Google Maps – Make sure you have your destination and basic route planned out, enter it into Google Maps so there’s no chance of you getting lost. But stop along the way to discover new areas such as a new beach! There could be some really Instagrammable spots!

Roadtrippers – Check out the website Roadtrippers You’ll find lots of information on where to stay and also ideas on some interesting sights in that area. Pretty cool!

Lady on road trip looking at maps, a phone with music on it

Music – Download your perfect playlist (just don’t forget the USB cable) to listen to along the way. The car radio won’t always have reception.

Download Apps – There are so many helpful apps out there now days that it’s a good idea to download some before you go. For example Momondo, AirBnb, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Flush (for finding a toilet), Spotify, TripIt, Drive Weather, Kayak, Rome2rio and Hotel Tonight are some of the best. Here’s my previous post about some of the best apps to use while travelling

Have a cooler bag – It could be a long way between shops so make sure you take snacks and drinks. Keep them cool in a cooler bag.

Take a tent – You might find a cool little place along the way to your destination so why not stay the night and camp there? You’ll save some money on hotels and motels as that can get expensive. You might find a campsite or RV campsite so it would be fun to meet some other travelers! As well as your tent, take your sleeping bag too!

A tent by the river on a road trip, people at a music festival

Book ahead – Don’t forget to book any places you might want to check out at your destination or even along the way. Imagine driving all that way only to miss out because they are fully booked out.

Staying safe – It’s fun to go exploring down little windy roads but make sure you don’t get lost. Stay safe and be sensible. It’s also a good idea to have a few extra bottles of water with you as well as extra petrol/gas in a gas can. Let someone know where you are going especially a family member.

I know it’s a lot to take in but keep reading for more!

Talk to the locals – Stop and ask the locals where the best places are to explore or what the must see places are. They will know where the best places to eat are! Don’t just trust the reviews that you may have read online.

Road rules – Study up on the countries’ road rules that you are roadtripping in. You dont want to have a nasty accident or get pulled over and issued a ticket. Look up the local AA website and read the road rules.

Sim cards – If you have a unlocked phone, then buy yourself a local Sim card to keep your phone costs down. Make sure you give your friends and family the phone number!

Carry cash – In big cities it’s perfectly fine to swipe your card in stores but once you get out into the countryside not so much! Chances are shops out there will not have the facilities so it’s good to carry a little bit of cash with you.

Snacks – Always have healthy snacks like fruit, muesli and granola bars and sandwiches in the car with you. Not just chocolate and bags of Doritos! If you come across a little shop or supermarket, stop and pick up some healthy food.

Get gas – Get some gas every time you stop in a town so you never run out and get stuck. Plus it’s a good chance to use their bathroom!

Getting gas for road trip, sunrise on the road trip

Head out early – Start your road trip early in the morning so you can make the most of the daylight hours. If you start driving around 5am, you should be able to see the sun rise which makes a great photo op! And the will be less traffic on the road to deal with.

Take breaks – Stop driving and take some breaks along the road trip. Do some stretches or park the car and go for a bit of a walk. Take turns in driving so you don’t get too tired.

And finally…

Take photos! – Road trips are always a great opportunity to take some amazing photos for your memories to look back on or even for your Instagram. Or you could even sell them and earn a bit of cash!

Lady taking a photo

Have fun and stay safe! ☺

As well as those, if you would like some more tips on travel and travel hacks, read my previous post here

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  1. All great ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Snacks are 1/2 of the reason to GO on a road trip in the first place, hehe, but stocking up wherever you can get good ones (and not JUST small-gas-station junk food) is a must!

    1. Hehe yes, got to have those snacks!

  2. Wonderful and organized post! Thx!

    1. You’re welcome Daphne! Hope it helps!

  3. Great post. I agree with what you said about discovering new areas. I always check some Instagrammable spots before I plan for an itinerary. Your post is really amazing, and I like it. Thanks for sharing. Keep updating more!

    1. Yes, got to have some great photos, right?! I hope they help!

  4. Love the post and some really helpful tips thank you.

    1. You’re welcome, i hope they help!

  5. The recommendations at the end were very helpful, including sim cards and talking to the locals. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! Thank you!

  6. Great post and beautiful blog!!

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