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Tips On How To Avoid Jet Lag

No one likes feeling exhausted after a flight so here are a few tips on how to avoid jet lag. Moving through different time zones when travelling can be chaotic for our bodies which then in turn causes things like appetite loss, tiredness, mood swings and concentration issues to name a few.

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Before you leave home to go on your incredible holiday here are a few tips to beat jet lag –

If you generally have a busy life style, and by that I mean you have a very busy home life and a very demanding job, then it’s a good idea to take an extra couple of days off work before you depart on your flight. This will give your body a chance to rest and relax before going on a long haul flight.

Therefore, I would also suggest that you take off another two days work when you come back from your holiday to give your body time to re-adjust.

If you are travelling West –

A few days before your flight, you should stay awake a couple of extra hours. Flying West causes your body to think your day is getting longer.

If you are travelling East –

Try going to bed a couple of hours earlier for a few days before you depart. Flying East can make your body think that your day is getting shorter.

Interesting right?

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When you are about to fly, set your watch to the time zone and to the local time of where you are flying to. This will help you mentally prepare and adjust.

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Avoid drinking coffee, energy drinks, alcohol and other drinks with caffeine in them at the airport as well as while you are flying. Drink lots of water instead. Take an insulated bottle of water with you on your flight so you always have nice cold water beside you and that way you won’t need to wait till the air hostesses come around.

Sleep on the flight as much as you can.

Spray rose water or a fruit extract mist on your face during the flight to keep your skin hydrated.

Stretch your legs on the plane by walking up and down the aisles a few times during the flight.

Do some stretching and deep breathing exercises when you get to your destination.

After You Have Arrived At Your Destination

Do your deep breathing and stretching exercises that I just mentioned.

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Do stretching exercises

If it’s daytime when you arrive, go outside and enjoy the sun. Be active in bright daylight. You need to do this so that your body clock adjusts.

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Walking in the sunshine, tips for jet lag

Go and eat something but don’t overeat. Eating food helps set your internal body clock. And eat good healthy food.

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A bowl of healthy food and a glass of juice, tips for jet lag

If you need to, take a short nap the next day. And I mean short, like just half an hour or so but not longer than an hour just to help your body keep going. Having a sleep mask and earplugs will help.

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I would love for you to share your tips on how to avoid jet lag from your experiences! Comment below!


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  1. Great tips on how to avoid jet lag. I like how you gave specific sleeping tips depending on whether a person is travelling West or East. I would also love to try spraying rose water to feel hyrated! Usually what I do to avoid jet lag is to sleep on the plane if it’s a very long flight. If it’s a short flight, I usually book an afternoon/early evening flight so that when I get to my destination, I can sleep there since it’s evening when I arrive.

    1. Thank you Izzy! Yes, that’s a great tip about booking your flight for the evening or afternoon!

  2. I definitely agree and share the ‘avoid caffeine, drink more water’ to help reduce jetlag.

    1. Yes for sure and coffee makes you dehydrated so it makes sense to me to drink plenty of water, even though I love my coffee 🙂

  3. These are some really great tips, especially getting used to the timezone before you even get there xx

  4. I wish we could travel so that I can use these tips. Unfortunately, South Africa has a new variant of Covid so most countries have banned flights to and from here. Hopefully, next year will be better for traveling.

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

    1. Yes I can’t wait till the day we can travel again. Hearing about these new Covid strains appearing makes me think we won’t be travelling anytime soon unfortunately.

  5. I always find flying East to feel far more difficult than flying West. I’m normally not able to sleep on a plane, so jet lag is just part of the vacation for me!

    1. Oh wow, interesting! It’s funny how it affects us!

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