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Mount Victoria Has The Best City Views!

My family and I decided to go check out the best city views from Mount Victoria today! I thought I would brave the wind as it would be a great photo opportunity so I could show Wellington to you all!

Mount Victoria Lookout Sign
Mount Victoria Lookout

You can drive right up to the top of the lookout., there are quite a few carparks there. Unless you are feeling mighty fit and feel like walking all the way up the hill! If you do decide to walk, make sure to take a bottle of water with you and wear good walking shoes.

Today was partly cloudy so on a clear blue sky the views would look a lot more stunning but I still couldn’t complain!

There are about 4 different walking trails you can go on. Each of them ending up in different areas of the city. There are two trails where you will end up on different part of Oriental Parade. One trail will lead you to Courtney Place and the other to Hataitai.

You can download a map from my link below with the walking tracks on it. Follow the colored markers on your walk.

In addition to the walking tracks, there are also a few mountain bike trails there so watch out for the bikers!

City views from Mount Victoria
The city views from Mount Victoria

Breathtaking views overlook the Wellington CBD (Central Business District) and the harbor.

Beach views from Mount Victoria
The view of Lyall Bay and Houghton Bay

Don’t forget to stop and check out the Hobbit Hideaway film location which is on the Southern Walkway.

Maori Carvings
Information boards about Mount Victoria
Information Boards

At the top, in addition to the views, you will find lots of information boards that explain the area.

American Aviator Richard Byrd
American Aviator Richard Byrd
The lookout area
The lookout area
Mount Victoria Summit
Mount Victoria Summit
A timely weapon
A timely weapon
Stunning views of Wellington city
Stunning views
Views of the CBD
Views of the CBD
Native New Zealand Bird , the Tui
A Native New Zealand bird, a Tui, that I came across on my walk today

I took quite a few more photos today but I don’t want to ruin it for you. I think it’s best if you take a look at these city views from Mount Victoria yourself!

The Mount Victoria Lookout is always a great tourist attraction here in Wellington, it’s not to be missed. Just remember to dress warm as it does get a bit chili on a windy day.

Information On Getting To Mount Victoria

Follow this link to download a map of the Mount Victoria Walkway

If you don’t feel like walking all the way up the hill or are not able to, then you can catch a bus. Head to Courtney Place to Bus Stop C , you can catch the Number 20 bus which will take you to the top of the Mount Victoria Lookout.

It will roughly cost you about $4 unless you want to invest in a Snapper bus card which you can buy for $10 in local dairys and supermarkets. Using a Snapper card instead of paying cash fares will be about half the price. You can then download the Snapper app on your phone to top up your card with more money. The Snapper card can also be topped up in stores.

Here is a link for more information on Snapper cards

Looking for some more things to do and places to see in Wellington? Here are some ideas

In summary, this is a great day out, perhaps even take a picnic to enjoy at the top!

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  1. Awesome views indeed, love the sculptures..
    What a lovely place..

    1. Thank you! Hope you come and visit one day!

  2. I’ve been to Mt Wellington such a lovely look out worth a visit! Thanks for sharing!

    1. This is in Wellington, not Mt Wellington 🙂 I hope you come and spend time here soon, I’m sure you will love it!

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