Cuba Street – Wellington’s Best Known Street!

One of Wellington’s best known streets is the famous Cuba street. You’ll find some of the best cafes and restaurants on Cuba Street including Logan Browns, Fidels, Olive, Scopa along with an Irish bar called JJ Murphy.

A quarter of the way up Cuba Street, you will see the famous Bucket Fountain which is an iconic sculpture here. It was erected in 1969 and it was upgraded in 2003. The fountain consists of a number of colored ‘buckets’. When they fill up with water, they tip into a small pool below. Quite often on Friday and Saturday nights, you will find people pouring dishwashing liquid in it. The pool will just be filled with tons of bubbles, sometimes spilling over.! It’s just a bit of fun right?!

The Cuba Street Bucket Fountain
Cuba Street Bucket Fountain

Besides the bucket fountain there is also a small kids’ play area with a slide.

Children's playground

This colorful street is also known to be as the city’s buskers area. You will often see buskers there during the day and especially in the evenings in the weekends.


There are some great award winning restaurants such as Logan Browns where you can expect to have fine dining and it has been consistently voted as one of the top dining spots in Wellington.

Aside from the more fine dining places, Cuba Street has lots of quirky little cafes where you can get a great $10 lunch. Fidels Cafe is one of Wellington’s best cafes. When you first walk in, it seems very small, until you notice the room around the corner. There is also a big seating area outside at the back. Apart from the delicious cabinet food they also do cooked foods.

Fidels' Drinks Menu
Fidels’ Drinks Menu
Fidels Cafe on Cuba Street
Delicious cabinet food at Fidels
Fidels Cafe on Cuba Street
Fidels Cafe


Last but not least, although Cuba Street is best known for the food, there are also some great vintage shops, a tattoo parlor, quirky shops, a record shop, book shops, an art gallery, an ice cream store and clothing stores amongst others. Shop until you drop!

What are some of your favorite areas in this famous street?

For more information on Cuba Street, check out the link the below,_Wellington


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